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Hitchin Christmas
Tree Festival

Hitchin CTF 2022

This year our aim was to create an interactive tree for the festival, that shows off the vast abilities that smart automation can offer to you in a smart home, commercial or bespoke environment. Our tree gives a glimpse in to some of the colour opportunities that you can play with to set a variety of different moods within your space. But intelligent programming offers so much more than just lighting options ...



Thurlstone Smart Homes kindly worked alongside us to conjure up the sequences, utilising a specialised intelligent lighting system to pre-determine the settings, timings, colours and intensities. Systems such as these can be easily adapted to suit a home or business environment controlling; heating, ventilation, multi-room audio, security, blind controls, irrigation, pool and sauna care, server monitoring, lighting, energy saving applications and so much more. With the right planning, guidance and application these systems open up a world of automation like never before. Oliver Russell Electrical Ltd are able to work alongside you on your automation project from planning through to execution so that you are able to relax and power your installation with a click of a button, through app technology, giving you back time to enjoy yourself.


Come and see for yourself ...

Now to prepare the tree for our lovely visitors at the Hitchin Christmas Tree Festival. We got to try out the awesome cri-cut machines for the signage thanks to the lovely  ladies @hertspartyfairies. I'm sure we need one of these machines for something, they are so cool! With instructions added to the display, and the extra hint of a hidden colour scene to be found on the tree whilst you are exploring, we are pretty much ready to set up and sigh a relief that we got it there in one piece. Wishing you an 'Appy Christmas'!


Now for nexts years creation .... 


How it all started ...

So the challenge was set and the build began. The trees frame needed welding to specific dimensions, so off we set, lucky we have a knowledgeable welder within the team! Once complete the green paint was applied, ready for the application and intricate soldering of the RGBW strip. Now, we needed to program the system, this is where we persuaded Thurlstone Smart Homes to partner with us on this. We have worked in partnership with this company on projects prior to this so knew this would be a great collaboration!


Now to add the Christmas spirit

With all of the wiring in place, now it was down to adding the other Oliver Russell Electrical twist and make it look less structural! In come the team with their creative juices to transform the tree in to a winter wonderland scene of polar bears, skiing gonks, penguins and of course a cosy little village under the splendour of a dazzling disco ball!

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